ART BY GAGE Live Painting Experience | Friday December 7th 12pm-7pm

Hello my name is Christopher Gage I am a Houston based artist whose medium is primarily acrylic on canvas. I started painting about 3 years ago and haven't looked back since.  My paintings have given me a deeper understanding of self. The Collection titled  "The Feelings You Can't Say" is an ongoing collection that helps to depict the feelings and thoughts that are not so easily articulated via words or actions.

In my earlier days of painting I started out with a much more contemporary approach but soon realized that I was becoming depressed by it. I felt like contemporary art took the creativity out of  the painting and caused me to start focusing on perfection versus the actual creation. So I soon switched to painting primarily abstracts with a modern approach. The thing I love about abtract works is the originality.  I realize that I could only paint Muhammad Ali, Tupac, and Malcolm X so many times before it became tiring and repetitive. The originality of abstracts allowed me to truly feel like a creator. 

"The Feelings You Can't Say" have allowed me to articulate my feelings and emotions in was i could ever imagine. Every time the paint hit the canvas it revals who Christopher Gage is as an Artist. And it is through my paintings that i exhibit my best vocabulary.

Anais Camacho