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Tania Saderi: NOELA ART RAW

The Sardinian Collection 

Born on the Italian island of Sardinia, Miami-based Italian artist, Tania Saderi, studied art in both Italy and the US. Raised in a bi-cultural environment, her art honors the rich Italian tradition while mixing in a younger modern style of painting. Always fascinated with depicting the essence of different cultures, she uses vibrant colors to present strong figures. Through these strong figures, as seen in her Noela art collection, she honors Sardinia’s people – from shepherds to bandits – and the island’s traditional costumes and Carnival masks.

Her love for travel and her bi-cultural experiences have given light to her way of life and art. After her introductory art studies at Rome’s Liceo Artistico, she studied printmaking and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at California College of the Arts. This was followed by her work at T. Delany Studios, an art/design company in San Francisco, where she developed public and private art works across a range of media. Leaving the Bay Area, she has made Miami her home, but shares her appreciation of her background through her Sardinian collection.

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