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Gallery & Concept Store

F. A. M. E Worldwide

Fashion. Art. Music. Experience

F.A.M.E Worldwide


F.A.M.E is an abbreviation for Fashion Art Music Experience and showcases just that, different forms of Art in a Gallery & Concept Store Pop-up, created in Wynwood, Fl during Art Basel Miami 2015. This traveling Gallery & Concept Store Pop-up is produced & curated by a collective of professionals and entrepreneurs assembled by Anais MJA of PoweredbyMJA.

F.A.M.E Worldwide vision is to bring together different forms of ART while hosting featured experiences and live installations. Launching new brands is something we are known for during Art Basel Miami, we love to be apart of a launch to the world!

F.A.M.E is the bridge between the ARTist and the world so we focus on traveling and expanding into new marks both nationally and internationally. Through this growth and expansion the purpose is to inspire other artist and professionals to do so as well.

This concept brings so many opportunities and exposure to those involved, so continue to follow FAME on this ARTistic path, for the journey has only begun.



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