Ju Reams, 30, known on the art scene as Jubeanski, has been drawing for as long as he can remember. This Miami born artist was classically trained via the magnet art programs provided throughout his grade schooling. From grade levels 3 through 12 he excelled in visual arts and it quickly became a passion in his life. Once graduating from Miami Coral Reef Sr. High he received a football scholarship at FIU. Early in his college career he picked up tattooing and unofficially apprenticed with tattoo artists in the area. When he graduated college with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Art, he inevitably pursued his passion in art.
A few years back he debuted at a small auction art show in Wynwood where his work was quickly appreciated and sought after. Since he has been invited to various art events, collaborated with other artists, and begun doing murals all over the South Florida area.
He classifies his work today as Culture Contemporary. He attaches themed subjects to his pieces in various series, always integrating his “urban” culture where he sees fit. Whether it be from the #BulliesSeries - where the fashion and/or body language of his subjects express themselves, to the #TaxFreeSeries - where he paints on currency celebrating the rebelliousness of fictional characters from heist films. In his own way, Ju let's his rebellious side shine in the way he occasionally integrates text, or politically incorrect behavior into his work. His vision is for the subject matter, witty word-play, and various styles to catch the viewers attention and to help them make the correlation where necessary. He's addicted to monochromatism, photo references, and the primary colors.
 In his own words, “my brush REGURGITATES onto canvas what my mind DEVOURS, my goal is to EAT ideas and THROW-UP masterpieces.”

Instagram @Jubeanski

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