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My name is Kre8 I am 37 years old . German and Hispanic background. A true to life artist I live, sleep, breath and eat art . I am honored to be able to call myself an artist . My background comes from graffiti Introduced at the age of 14. At 20 years old I got inspired by Salvador Dali. He really change the way that I saw art. I remember him saying "what you see is not always what you see". So I really try to incorporate that in my artwork .Now I combined a few of the styles such as graffiti,surreal,realism,abstract and cubism.That I have been working on and mastering the last 5 years into one style... I call it FACELESS. What is your true identity?
For me my art is a movement on the present time . This is the reason that I'm painting everything in black and gray because the world is such a gray area so it' is my abstract responsibility to inspire the new generation. Because now we have become A reflection of what we think people want to see . There is no more truth in the world right now . It's great to get out there and experience (LIFE)

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