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Jeantrix, a Fashion & Art brand originating out of the Philadelphia area which caters to Pop-Art enthusiasts worldwide. Their objective is to create and combine Fashion, Art, and Film to give you a full sensory experience of textures, colors, and images. 


 Starting with just one pair of sneakers, Jeantrix was created in 2004 as a hobby and as a means to showcase the individuality of its co-founders/head fashion artists, N¥ce and Hømm. Journeying from sneakers to clothing, the artists began to customize their own jeans with paint and hand sewn patches along with many other artistic crafts. They would often say that their "jeans were doing tricks", which is how the name Jeantrix was created. 

After many years their brand naturally evolved to encompass a broader range of art including one of a kind luxury apparel, canvases, sculptures and art installations. Since its humble beginnings their high end luxury clothing have been featured on many media outlets such as Elle Magazine, The Source, The LA Times, BET, MTV and FOXs hit TV show X-Factor to name a few. They've also gained a desire for their unique apparel from many celebrities and VIPs throughout the fashion and entertainment industries. 

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