F.A.M.E Worldwide is proud to introduce “F.A.M.E Mission” , our non-profit organization which will focus on eliminating Pollution and Waste such as single-use plastic by up-cycling single-use plastic into usable , sustainable products as well as collaborating the idea with ART. Plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution. It can take hundreds , even thousands of years for plastic to break down, causing long lasting destruction to the environment . Our Mission is to focus on Up-cycling , Promoting Reusable Products & Creating Sustainable Replacements.

Although Recycling has proven to be a resourceful option , its not so effective when such a large percentage of recycled items still become converted into Pollution and Waste and gets pushed back into our Earth and Oceans. We feel The solution to truly eliminate the issue is to eliminate plastic altogether by shredding it and converting it to a reusable products.

Its Time to truly turn this Trash into Treasure.

F.A.M.E’s Workspace Programs Goal is to Sponsor & Build Multiple Workspaces around the world, starting with the USA and the Caribbean.


There is so much pollution waste in our Oceans.

Did you know we have Plastic Islands ?


Plastic Islands

There are five offshore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of the 5 and is located between Hawaii and California.

Information & Map provided by The Ocean Clean Up

Precious Plastics Workspace by Dave Hakkens

The WorkSpace Shown is a layout of the most efficient way to bring our vision to life created by Dave Hakkens of Precious Plastics

This invention consisted of a plastic shredder, an extruder, an injection moulder and a rotation moulder, which will turn waste plastic into new products. They are made from basic materials, affordable & easy to build locally.

  • Shredder will turn the plastic waste into small shredded flakes.

  • Extruder will form the small flakes into a continuous shape.

  • A Filament winder to create 3D Printing filament from the Extruder.

  • An Injection Machine to melt shredded plastic into a mold and a Compression Machine for larger molds.

F.A.M.E would also like to add this Machines to Complete the Work Space.

  • 3D Printer to Produce anything from filament.


Shredder Machine - Plastic waste is shredded into flakes which will be used in the other machines to create new things. You can select the output size of these flakes by changing the sieve inside the machine to create different patterns and processes.


Extrusion Machine - Extrusion is a continuous process where plastic flakes are inserted into the hopper and extruded into a line of plastic. These lines can be used to make new raw materials such as 3d printing filament, make granulated plastic, spun around a mold, or used in your own new and creative ways.


Injection Machine - Plastic flakes are heated and injected into a mold. It’s a relatively quick process which is well suited for creating small objects repeatedly. You can make the molds completely yourself by using CNC mills or lathes, or by simply welding them.


Compression Machine - Plastic is heated inside the oven and slowly pressed into a mold with a carjack. Well suited for making large and more solid objects, the oven itself is also a great machine for prototyping and making plastic tests with.

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